lifeless me

Piccsy :: Photography by Megan Jean

Day by day, months by months and years by years. this blog is been ignored. im sorry. i have diary so it is more easier to bring anywhere right? i dont know what makes me to share about my life. am i an unlucky girl in this world? hahaha whatever but im sure that i'll find my perfect happiness one day just right now isn't the best time. i know i know. okay start with the first story, i've been lied or im in the game. c'mon be a kind hearted lh sikit. im not a toy that you can play with. you makes me to fall in love with you. you makes me to trust you then senang-senang kau buat rumors aku TERHEGEH-HEGEH dekat kau? mannnn, its not good for making rumors. even kau put all the blame on me, it is still your fault okay. okay best word, it's OUR FAULT. both of us salah. kita tk pandai nk jaga relationship kita. Tak gentle betul nak salahkan aku sorang je sebab it's not fair. salah kau jugak. right now, i've move on. my life is even happier than before. seriously, aku dh lupa kau. senang sangat sebab dgn rumors-rumors kau yg sangat menyakitkan hati tu buat aku makin senang nak lupa kau. now he move on to someone prettier,kindnier and knows how to handle you. yeah, congratulations :) i'm tired of being in a relationship. imma afraid of being lied for the second time. seriously, im not a type that easy to let go someone that i love. but for you, yeas it is really easy. sekarang sikit pun life kau aku tak kacau but why nak ungkit semua tu sekarang? pernah kau fikir pasal perasaan aku? oh i see kau sorang je yang ada perasaan dekat dunia ni. its's good to know :) nahhh aku doakan kau happy dengan dia and may you guys stay longer k :') okay move to the next story this boy who made me almost confess my feeling towards him last year but wait. im tired of being in a relationship. i want to live out my life. simple kan? tak payah nak fikir pasal semua benda-benda ni. right now we're like bestfriend but still sometimes he say, he'll wait for me whatever that. right now, we're like in a problems. gaduh lah mcm tu. see i've told you i'm bad. i dont know how to take care of people's heart and feeling. for you, please kita bestfriend je k. but please if you really mean with your words, prove it. maybe one day i can accept you in my life. but for now, this is too far to think. aku tak ready lagi. outside might be a smile but inside people that knows me well, people who know my problem will know how hurt am i. aku bukan cerewet but aku tak nak kena tipu. tak nak sedih untuk kali ke berapa entah. aku bukan mainan. hmmm tired of thinking. next one, this boy kinda sweet and nice. he is my bestfriend, my senior, my stepmother. hahaha suka sangat membebel suruh makan. pantang kalau aku tak makan dia membebel kalah mama kita. before this, he's not a nice guy. yaaaa it's private to tell. tak baik buka aib orang kan? now he told me he wanna change. yeah i trust you but deep in my heart still rasa curious tu ada. takut kena tipu lagi. ayat dah sweet macam apa dah. takut lah kalau sweetalker je. my friend told me he's not a nice guy actually. so for your own sake kau jgn lah rapat dgn dia. hmm right now dh serba salah nk backup mana. but based on what he told me he like seriously wanna change. biarlah sweetalker k teruk ke apa, but at least he care about me. yes i've make my decision, im going to be your friend and im ready to be left :) he promised me yesterday that he will always there beside me going trough all the pain and happiness that im going to face. ohhhh how touched is it? but still tak boleh nak trust kau 100% and look you got a girlfriend. yaa i know what's going on between you guys but slowly i'm sure you relationship can be fine like the old times right? haha thanks for be my stepmother yang selalu membebel suruh makan. it's okay i like that. at least rasa macam diambil kisah :) yes you guys can say me that imma desperate to seek for attention but you guys don't what i feel. so dont judge me. but no worry aku tak akan ruin relationship dorang ni. i know much he loves his girlfriend. you always makes me happy and smile like the old times. thankyou. k tired of babbling. memang mengarut i know. but setakat nak lepaskan apa yang aku rasa tak apa kan? biar lah mengarut janji aku puas and dapat luahkan semua. 

                             kbai magic world <3