heyy peeps:)

this is the first time aku post satu entry.selepas diedit-edit.anyway thank you kak chin :) haha.
and i start writing back selepas goin' down about my relationship.haih.and now i can prove to you i can move on.even i can't find someone else like you and even better.but don't worry. i must stay strong to prove that i can smile without you.and you stole my heart and just watch me go :') and i know it's my fault.you can put the blame on me.and now i'm so regret. it's okay.live must go on.as long as you happy, i'm fine here.actually when i write something,you were always on my mind. haih. kan best kalau kau tau macam mana aku rindu kau :') pfftt.just forget about it okay *even my heart say no. and today.i have a great video call on skype with the one i love too<3 i hope i won't leave her :)) itu adalah satu kesilapan yang besar. haih. i think i must stop here before i start to cry.kbai wizard.

honestly from the writer:)